I’ve Been Framed!

I’ve been framed! No, seriously!

I originally posted this shot of the Sawmill BBQ Restaurant back on February 10th, during a cold, foggy, early morning. I recently made a print of it, framed it, and presented to the owner’s of the restaurant. They loved it! So, as my contract time has now run out, here in St. Louis, MO, I think it’s going to be fun thinking about that this photo will now be hanging in the Sawmill BBQ Restaurant from now until they close!

Here’s a fun rookie-photography mistake fact! You can see the top of my head and forehead in the reflection of me taking a photo OF THE PHOTO before I presented to the owner’s! (no, my head is NOT in the original photo)



Rubber Duckie

Still learning how to shoot at night, I was walking around a local university campus very early in the morning. While shooting this fountain, I noticed a rubber duckie floating in the middle of it. Seems typical for college life!