November 13, 2016 was the night known as the “Supermoon” throughout the Nation. Apparently this is the closest the moon will be rotating nearest the Earth for a very long time. Here are a few pictures from a small lake in Southern Illinois.

True, if I had a larger lens on the camera (poor people have poor ways….) the moon would have “appeared” much larger. My largest lens is only a 55-210mm with a variable f4.5-6.3








6 thoughts on “Supermoon

    • Thank you, brother! It was really cool to be out there viewing it. Hoping one of these days I can have big-boy camera stuff!

  1. It did look really large tonight when it was rising. I was outside watering some plants as darkness was coming and when I came in I commented about it to my partner. I believe tomorrow is the full moon. Should be a good show.

  2. Great photos. I’d planned to take advantage of the occurrence to do some vehicle photography, but life, as it often does, got in the way. Regardless of your equipment, the end result is very nice!

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