Nailed it! 


Comfortable in your own car….

You’re probably familiar with the phrase: Be comfortable in your own skin  But, what about Be comfortable in your own car??

I was recently at a local book store, I couldn’t help to notice this car in the parking lot. True, it’s hard to take photos of a parked car, with other cars around, and you look like a common criminal as you walk around and shot with your phone without getting caught, or drawing attention to yourself. Then cops showing up, and then you get thrown into the back of a squad car, get your photo taken, finger printed, and given a set of orange jumpers, and…. STOP! I was just taking pictures of this car, dude!

Ok, so the cops did not show up, and neither did the driver. However, my hat goes off to him (or her) to whomever is the owner! They are definitely comfortable, and loving life!