Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis

I had the privileged of taking a walking tour of the great Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis recently. It is true that I am not of Catholic Faith, but I still find the purity of the faith to be simplistic and beautiful. With all the symbolic paintings and statues dating back to the Apostle Peter (St. Peter), son of John, whom is considered the Catholic Church’s first Pope.


A quick history of the Cathedral: “The Old Cathedral was a grand structure when it was built three quarters of a century ago,” Archbishop John J. Kain wrote, in a pastoral letter to the people of the Archdiocese back in October 1896, “but all admit that the new Saint Louis should have another (Cathedral)-more handsome and more worthy…of the great Catholic city of the West.” Archbishop Kain purchased property on the northwest corner of Lindell at Newstead and appointed Monsignor James McCaffery pastor. Monsignor McCaffery built a temporary chapel in the rear of the cathedral block. It faced Newstead, and extended west along Maryland. Excerpt from “The Great Saint Louis Cathedral,” William Barnaby Faherty, S.J., Ph.D. George D Barnett of Barnett, Haynes, and Barnett of Saint Louis designed the entire structure of the Cathedral including a circular Sacristy on the north end which was not built when the main structure was completed in 1914.

Warning: I do not apologize for putting all these photos on this blog post. I could have posted a hundred more!






It is still considered Christmas Season in the Catholic Church, and not Ordinary Time, so the church was still decorated in Christmas traditional setting.












You will not find any paint on the walls of this church. The artwork is all finished with “tiles” which the artists have placed piece-by-piece to create the beautiful ceilings and archways. The following two (2) photos might explain this better:

Tiles placed piece-by-piece:


In order to create this:


Thank you for viewing this incredibly long post!


13 thoughts on “Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis

    • Thank you, Sir! It really is an awesome place to be in. Wasn’t really sure about my camera setting (as with a seasoned pro like yourself), and I didn’t have a tripod, but it was a great tour, and Larry (the guild) was incredible!

  1. cathedrals like these are breathtaking to experience regardless of whether or not you are a purpose of faith. the artwork and architecture is stunning. thanks for taking us along.

    • Thank you, brother! The tour was great and the guild, Larry, was a walking encyclopedia. I tried to do my best with the photos without a tripod, and of course, the dim lighting.

  2. Beautiful representation of a truly wonderful piece of architecture and artistic endeavor..thank you so much for sharing and taking me back there again!

    • Hey Connie! Great to hear from you! Yes, it was really awesome to see! Thank you for the comment! I hope you’re doing well!

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