Eclipse 2017 (and everyone else….)

As I posted in the previous post, the “great” Solar Eclipse happened today in the United States. I was fortunate to be in middle Illinois for the event! However, some of the fun, was just hanging around all these other people and enjoying their camera, telescopes, and really weird other photography stuff I never knew was out there! And I thought I enjoyed photography?? Watching some of these folks, was like watching an Aeronautical Physics Space Engineer with a PhD! Whew!

However, they were great to be around, and I had an awesome day with them! (and before you give me a hard time about the “quality” of the photos, yes, I took them with my phone)

And then, there’s me….


Eclipse 2017

The “great” Solar Eclipse happened today (08_21_2017) in the United States. I was fortunate to be in middle Illinois for the event!

Here is my simple setup for the gig. Camera…. check! Solar filter…. check! Hey! Poor people have poor ways!

However, here are a few from the show!

Had a great time, and I’ll soon post some photos from all the other people who were there! 


Mississippi Oxbow

Fort Kaskaskia State Historic Site is a 200-acre (0.8 km²) park near Chester, Illinois, on a bluff-top overlooking the Mississippi River. It commemorates the vanished frontier town of Old Kaskaskia and the support it gave to George Rogers Clark in the American Revolution.

In 1881, during a flood, the moving water of the Mississippi “discovered” a much smaller, parallel riverbed, the mouth of the Kaskaskia. Kaskaskia’s bed was a few feet lower than the Mississippi’s bed, so the whole river shifted to the new watercourse, cutting across the head of a former oxbow to do so.

For the village of Kaskaskia, the river’s new course was disastrous. Their village had been by the waterfront of the much smaller river; now the mighty Mississippi was swallowing the town up. Even the village cemeteries were at risk.

In an emergency operation, 3,000 graves of the departed of Kaskaskia were exhumed and the remains reburied atop the bluff to the east, at the site of old Fort Kaskaskia. The state of Illinois agreed to maintain the site forever as a memorial to the vanished historic village.

Sun Trial

On August 21st, the United States is going to have a Total Solar Eclipse. This photo is ONLY A TRIAL SHOT using my new Solar Filter.

Yes, I know it’s a “small” photo, however, when converting from RAW to JPEG (in order to put it on the web) it lost a TON of quality. I understand that.

However, if you can look at my settings below, any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated from you all!

Here are my settings:

Exposure: 1/250 @ f/5.6
ISO: 100

EV 30

Focal Link: 300 mm   (sorry, I can’t afford a 500-800 mm lens)

Thank you in advance!

Here’s a pretty cool link if you’re looking to see the eclipse in it’s totality: 

This photo was taken on 07/29/2017 at roughly 6:20pm Central Time. The Eclipse time will be roughly 1:20pm Central Time on August 21st.