It’s gonna be a wonderful Friday!


War Birds….

Some old War Birds were hanging out in St. Louis, MO, this past weekend. You AF guys (and girls) had some really cool toys back then! (Jim)


Blogs I Follow….

I like WP. I mean, I really do like it! It’s so much better than In-Your-Face-Book, and I enjoy following all of you, and envy (at times) at the places you’ve been and the “adventures” you’re on! Love it!

WP even has these pre-loaded template pages (hundreds of them) and “widgets” that help us create STUNNING WEB PAGES! Who needs a professional, when you have WP, right? Now, one of the widgets are for Blogs I Follow, and others can see the sites you follow, click on them, and possibly start following them as well. Great idea, except, you can only “list” 50 sites max!

Soooooo, with that stated, I have created a page of the sites I follow, and a brief description of what they’re about. At the time of this posting, I am following 160 of you, and really enjoying reading your pages and keeping up on your adventures. If you would like to see what’s happening with other writers, authors, photographers, travelers, etc…. you can click on my page: Blogs I Follow (at the top) and the links you see will open in a separate window, so you don’t have to leave the current webpage you’re on. They are in alphabetical order, too! Enjoy!



(6,288 feet on top of Mt. Washington, NH)

Hey y’all! Ya found the site!  Congratulations!!!

I’ll be posting all my past travels, and you are more than welcome to post comments, suggestions, loves, hates, or whatever you wish. Each page has a “comment” field on it, so you can leave your “mark” everywhere!  It would be great to hear from you!  I’ll also be leaving you links to view some of the photos of my adventures along the way.  Please notice the tabs to the right of this page.  You can click on any one of these if you’d like to read about what’s happening!  Keep checking back!

Thanks again! You’ll hear {read} from me soon!