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A Girl With An Adventurous Fork – The story of a girl and her romantic adventure with food.

A Perfect Mind Storm – I am here to write whatever the heck falls out of my brain on any given day.  Don’t look for there to be any sort of theme or consistency to my writing .  I just go with whatever happens to be there when I sit down and start banging my fingers on the keyboard.

A World Come of Age – I consider myself a faith-based humanist — one who believes that the Christian faith is the ultimate guide on how to care, love, and cherish the world and, more importantly, its people. However, I do not hold myself to only talking about religion, God, and humanism; I will write about anything at all.

Across the Atlas One Blog at a Time – This is a blog about my travel experiences. All stories are true. Letting people know more about the world through my eyes and inspiring others to travel is my major goal.

Adventureliela – I’m a photographer by trade. I spend a lot of time in my car driving around and waiting for appointments to start, and, sometimes, I write stories too.

Adventure J – Hi! I’m Jill, just your typical Canadian girl with a snowboard in one hand and canoe paddle in the other. I’m a self proclaimed travel addict, adrenaline junkie, outdoor adventure sport enthusiast and world explorer.

Adventures Of Lexie – I’m a 21-year-old undergrad student at a university near my home, who is obsessed with reading, writing, learning, Doctor Who (and other various shows and films with huge fandom followings), and exploring.

Adventures of Miss Miral – My name is Marina Eowyn Miral. Story is my passion, not only fiction but real life adventures. I am the co-author of  six juvenile fiction novels (Talismans series and Suncatcher series) but in this blog I tell real life stories from my own travel adventures, with some of my photography thrown in occasionally.

A lady Writes 4u – General blog, family, travel.

All Around the World Within My Pages – My name is Ariadne Saunders and I am from the small island of Trinidad & Tobago. I absolutely love to travel. Hopefully, through my stories, pictures and videos you won’t have to explore everywhere but instead have a clearer idea of where it is you may want to, or decide you need to, visit or maybe even live.

Ana Livingston, Fine Artist & Muralist – Fine Artist ~ Interior & Exterior Mural Artist ~ Poet & Writer ~ Clearwater & Tampa Bay, FL.

Andy Porter Photography – Northwestern photography. Photography for me has always been bound with outdoor adventure. I never had an interest in taking pictures until I started to go backpacking. Then it seemed like a necessity, you know, the packing list was: backpack, tent, camera, sleeping bag, stove, food…it never occurred to me that you could go out on a trip with a way to capture the images.

Anges Voyage – I have lived in Vietnam, The Netherlands and Germany. The opportunity of living abroad really inspires me to see more from the world. I love travelling, either on my own or with someone. I enjoy seeing new cultures, new sceneries, and eating local food. Whenever I have a chance to travel, I won’t hesitate. Sometimes I make the decision of where I am going spontaneously and I really go for it.

Animal Pics Archive – Cute animal pictures to make you smile when you’ve had a really crappy day.

Aniket Sharma Photography – World through my lens!

Annas Art – Artistic blog.

Anorexia Revealed Beauty Beyond Bones – I am not a doctor. I’m not a therapist, dietitian, counselor, psychiatrist, etc. I’m just a girl. Who had a severe case of anorexia. And who is journeying through recovery, one day at a time. I’m just sharing my story with the hopes that it will help even one person.

Around the World in 80 Pairs of Shoes – Hi, my name is Kelly; this is my little blog about my gluten free luxury travel adventures.

Around the World in 80 Plays – My name is Krista and I graduated from college last year with a degree in theatre. I am currently working at an awesome PR firm that focuses on mainly performing arts clients. This blog is dedicated to my quest to see eighty plays all over the world (including at home in sunny Northern California).

Art Our Way – Art and travel blog.

Audrey Writes Abroad – This blog is about Audrey. A girl who writes. And travels.

Autumn Aquarius – Just a girl from the seaside city of San Diego, CA with an insatiable case of wanderlust. I created this blog out of a love of writing and sharing stories about places in this beautiful world that I’ve seen in hopes that it inspires you to see it as well !

Below-Average Writer – I’m a student, firefighter, and aspiring writer who hopes to publish his first book within the year!

Ben’s Bitter Blog – Let’s “Make Bitter Better”.

Bill Plemmons RV Blog – Everything RV and camping blog.

Blog Mom Rocks2 – Everyone has their own opinion…and as a blogger, I solemnly swear to not give a shit what people think of my blog  or of my thoughts/opinions if it is directed in a negatively rude manner.

Books Rock My World – For years now my friends (from all over the world) and I brought fun, book inspired content to our followers, building a community of readers. This blog is one step more in furthering our attempts to better and thrive! Hopefully with time this blog will grow in its width and appetites.

Brittany From Boston – I’m Brittany from Boston, and you’ve found my blog! I’ve been encouraged by some dear friends and family to share my adventures with the world, and so here you have a blog that combines my love of Boston and travel.

Business in Rhyme – Blog about beautiful uses and application of poetry and poetic techniques for improving innovation and creativity skills.

Butterfly Mind – Andrea Badgley is a Happiness Engineer with Automattic.  She holds a B.S. in Ecology, but left that field to raise children and write. Her Butterfly Mind blog reflects her inclination to flit. Her work appears in Southern Women’s Review, on the Brevity blog, and on The Daily Post.

Buttry Diary – Steve Buttry, Director of Student Media, LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication, and Journalism.

Cait – Travel blog.

Captured To Share – Travel blog, photography, writer.

Charlene Chic – Travel, cooking, wardrobe blog.

Charlotte Fox – Style, beauty, tips & tricks

Checking In – Travel blog.

Chirurgeon’s Apprentice – Hello. My name is Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris and I’m a medical historian specializing in the history of early surgery.

Chol Palai – Hello! I am Tuhin Sarkar. I think. I plan. I travel. I write.

Christopher Martin Photography – I am a Canadian photographer living in Bragg Creek, Alberta, near both the prairies and the mountains. I look for special moments to photograph, obvious or subtle, from this amazing world we all live in .  I enjoy these encounters whether they are with nature’s wilder creatures, Mother Earth herself or my fellow human beings.

Circulating Now – From the historical collections of the World’s Largest Biomedical Library.

Cody C. Delistraty – Cody C. Delistraty is a writer, researcher, and historian based in Paris.

Consciousness Creates Reality – Travel and poetry blog.

Cooking With A Wallflower – Cooking blog. I want my readers to be able to have fun cooking as well as enjoy what they eat. After all, what’s the point of eating if you don’t like what you eat? Which means just because I use certain ingredients in my recipe does not mean that you can’t substitute in some of your favorite ingredients. I’ll even make suggestions for inspiration.

Cool San Diego Sights! – Some interesting pics of San Diego places and events.

Cuddle Your Globe – Travel blog.

Curlycue – I am currently a sophomore at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, majoring in the new hip career of music therapy. I started curlycue to document the journey of self discovery I plan to embark on in the next stage in my life.

Daily Inspiration Blog – I write articles on topics such as Self-help, Health, life hacks, and many other interesting things.

Daily Odds and Ends – Off-the-wall news blog.

Daily (w)rite – Damyanti is an established freelance writer who wants to try out an experiment. She has an ambition of writing something everyday, something that could be long or short, on any topic whatsoever, but always imaginative and meaningful.

Days and Months – Photography blog.

Diana Ratemo’s Wonderlust – Welcome to my blog. My name is Diana, a 5th year medical student with a passion for photography, travel and writing.

Diary of an Aesthete – Life for me is about moving on, staying strong, being free – progressing, always improving, doing, seeking, finding… and sometimes keeping. I’m happiest when I’m on a journey – whether inward or outward.

Divorce With Me – Initially, I was going to use this page to introduce myself as a newly separated woman with kids.  My husband told me in September 2014 he was miserable and wanted a divorce, blah, blah, blah. No more. See “Why I’m Doing This” for my synopsis on how I got here.  This will be about me.

Do you want to see my spaceship? – Travel and photography blog.

Dutch Photos – I’m still trying to find my way, to get a style of my own. One part is saying concentrate on nature or landscapes the other part has this thing for colours!! Basically it’s the state of mind or the mood I’m in that makes the decision what to publicize.

Ed Mooney Photography – My name is Edward Mooney. I am an uncompromising photographer based in Monasterevin, County Kildare, Ireland. Ever since I got my first digital camera in 2005, I became hooked and haven’t looked back since.

Elder Pipe – My name is Batuhan, I’m 26 years old, and I’m currently living in Turkey but I’ve been travelling around all my life. Here, in this blog, you can find all about my past experiences, current thoughts and future plans!

Emma G Hancock – I have created this blog, very aware of the fact that I’m {at the moment} writing to an audience of one, as an outlet to openly and candidly recollect my travel experiences.

Ephemeral New York – Chronicling an ever-changing city through faded and forgotten artifacts.

Eric E. Photos – I started this blog a few years ago as a way to record where I explored around my former home in Washington.

Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera – So by now, you will have realised that I was born in 1904 or 1964. I’ll leave you to guess which. This is my blog for my random writings, photography and things that interest me. Perhaps some of this will interest you as well.

Extra Dry Martini – Straight up, with a twist.

Fakeormistake is Intricate: Historires ‘A Tiroirs –  I AM AN ARCHITECT AND AN ADDICTED PHOTOGRAPHER.

Family Travel Escapades – Travel blog focused on Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and much more!

Fashionmimo – My name is Mikaela, a Chinese girl studying journalism in Hong Kong.  I spend most of my spare time on travelling, photo-shooting, working out and food. I’m also a French learner.

Files of a Traveling Daydreamer – This will be a space that I use as a bookshelf for my various travel memories, from recent weekend getaways and past European adventures to long ago family vacations and my once in a lifetime honeymoon.

Finding NYC – Hi, I’m Susan. I’m a local exploring New York City one adventure at a time. There are so many possibilities–each location offers the opportunity to learn something new about the city I call home.

Flickr Blog – A blog from the Official site.

Follow your nose | it always knows – My name is Katharine, but most folks around here call me Katalina or Kat. Follow your nose is about following the whispers of guidance and insight from the elusive realms of dreams and intuition, so I write about these things and the teachers I meet and sometimes travels here and there and all the other stuff I’m into – photography, shamanism, art, and the little anecdotes that make a day, a life, either the same as or different from the rest.

Foodie Thailand – Hello! I am a normal Japanese girl, who loves to explore around the world. Fell in love with Thailand while my semester exchange in Bangkok and stayed there for 11 months. During the period, I explored inside the country and I thought I wanted to share the experience, so I decided to start a blog.

Foolyman Stories – Many of these short stories and poems don’t make complete sense.  They’re simply written to have some fun.  That seems reason enough to me.  Perhaps you might enjoy them, too!

Frame | Still | Love – Travel and Photography blog.

From Balderdash To Epiphany – Tom Balistreri is the author of Number #1 The New York Times bestseller, “You Can Say Anything About Yourself On The Internet And Someone Will Believe It!” OK, that is an exaggeration. Tom is a Freelunch Writer from the balmy climes of Southwest Pennsylvania and writes humorous essays on a variety of subjects.

Gamin Traveler – I’m a Spanish traveler , who wants to share his experiences around the world.

Get Musicated – A site devoted to all things promoting music education.

Glitchy Artist – Pareidolia, Abstractions, Glitchy Drawings, Contemplative Photography, Street Photography

Gratuitous Rex – Thoughts, theories, and things.

Greta Photo Blog – These pages will be filled with ALL my amateur photos that I take on my travel around Croatia and in Croatian various cities. I also will be taking pictures of everything I love, like flowers and animals.

Gudsol – A web blog of art, architecture, design, travel, culture, photography, and other interesting things.

Helen’s Photo Challenge – 365 photo challenge blog.

Humor Columnist Blog – I write a “lifestyle” column about the ordinary world and the humdrum things of life — point being, make the ordinary seem extraordinary by the way the story is told.

Hunglish Girl – I write. I parent. There is also wine, chocolate, books — not always in that order. I live in Connecticut with my hubby and little boy. I work in publishing.

Iconic Photos – Famous, Infamous, and Iconic Photo blog.

Images by T. Dashfield – Travel photography blog.

IMPREINT Official – The official page of the artist created to host the project ‘CUT OFF’.

Incidental Naturalist – My passion is for the nature that thrives around us; spending time in wild places brings me joy and fills me with energy for life. I also have an insatiable appetite for travel. When these two passions collide, bucket-list experiences of the natural world are possible. In sharing these adventures, I hope that you will find your own inspiration to connect with nature.

International Bellhop Travel Magazine – We are simply a collective of writers and designers who escape work by blogging and writing and discovering new lands for travel, and reminiscing about travels past. Travel with us as we explore all of the most beautiful, unique, and relaxing atmospheres that Mother Earth has given to us.

It Could Be Worse – I am a 28 year old Kentuckian, student, military veteran, a mother-of-three fur babies, and a wife to my lucky husband, Philip. I may share too much, and it may be too often, but why filter the realities of our life? With a recent diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease and Infertility, our lives are not what we pictured them to be.

It Started In Oxford – A Brit living in Tbilisi, Georgia. A little different from the one in America. This is my way of documenting my life here, so at times it may be a little scatty because, well, I can be a little scatty. Be patient with me!

J.S. Park – This site is for the honesty we all long for and the grace we all need. However you believe, where ever you come from, both veterans and rookies to faith — We have questions. Let’s work through the answers.

JFAB – Because traveling is a passion! For Years of seeking new adventures  its now time to share all of it to my fellow travel enthusiasts. Here you can get travel tips, must try dishes, pasalubongs to buy, landmarks to visit and other recommendations that surely will help you out on your next vacay.

Jill Just Being Jill – Travel and food blog.

Joshi Daniel Photography – I am a photographer based out of India. My passion lies in capturing images of people I’m intrigued by—their faces, the stories behind them, their lifestyles, cultures, and traditions.

Journalist On The Run – I’m a 28 year old, happy-go-lucky intrepid traveller, originally from Cork, Ireland, with no idea what I want to do with my life except to keep on traveling and hopefully do some good along the way.

Joy Loves Travel – A family of 3 who loves to travel, see new places, do new things and enjoy the world around us…. these are our trips and travels.

Just something I was thinking about…. – I hope you enjoy my postings and random thoughts, and I hope they inspire you to think about the world around you

Katzenworld – We are group of friends that are united by our passion for (you guessed it right!) CATS!

Leanne Cole Photography – Photography blog.

Lemanshots – Fine Pictures And Digital Art

Let Me Be Free – I am Anne, for many years I travelled around the world on a working holiday and did various jobs. I write about travel and camping in order to help others have the confidence to see the world or their own backyard.

Let’s all be adventurers – With my memory of each journey starting to get a little hazy,  I thought it was about time to write all of my adventures down.

Life As We See It… – Hi there … I have always wanted to travel!!! After all we ‘ve got one life right ? and I wanna spend it knowing the world. And what is the better way to know the people than to travel ! While doing that, I came to know myself much more than I thought i knew about who I am. I am a dreamer !!! a singer… a painter,,,, a cook… a foodie… a friend… a shopaholic ..a traveler.. That’s who I am. …So I started writing about it.

Life Of An El Paso Woman – El Paso, Texas culture, Chicana/o life, women’s issues, fashion, parenting, movies, books, reviews, interviews, events, art and SO much more!

Little Earthquake – This site is dedicated to travel and adventure – not budget, not luxury, but somewhere in between. There are also some sports and humor pieces peppered in.

Live Laugh RV – After years of running a business and raising children, it was time for a break, time for a change, time to travel and explore…..time to hit the road in an RV.


Live to Write – Write to Live – Professional writers talk about the craft and business of writing.

Lord Walt – I’m just a guy who loves to road trip and take photos.

Love Travelling – My name is Marion,  I’m a mother of two from Lancashire., England,  a teacher and aspiring travel blogger who works part time and spends the rest of the week dreaming of foreign lands and planning her next adventure. Come along and join my adventures.

Maddie on the Map – Registered nurse who got bit by the travel bug.

Mae Travels – I am an entrepreneur who loves to travel…and this led me to interesting insights into different races, places and cultures.

Mark Deeble – A wildlife filmmaker in Africa.

M. FUNK : PHOTOGRAPHY – Photography blog based on France and Germany.

Michael Dellert – I’m an award-winning writer, editor, publishing consultant, and writing coach with a publishing career spanning 20 years. My blog, MDellert-Dot-Com: An Adventure in Indie Publishing, is a resource for creative writers of all kinds.

Milford Street – This site is dedicated to developing my skills as a photographer, sharing my images and participating in a creative community.

Mimi Matthews – Romance, Literature, and History blog focused primarily on topics relating to the 19th century.

Mimo Khair Photography – I was born in Lebanon and lived there until age 20, when I moved to New York City and began my journey with art and photography. I have lived and traveled in many places around the world since. Currently I  am living in Shanghai, China since 2006 and I travel as and when I can for photographic adventures.

Music Memory Blog: By Unity Hospice – At Unity Hospice, we offer a music program that brings personalized music playlists to our patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Grounded in research about how our brains respond to music, Music & Memory is intended to retain memories and enrich the lives of our patients.

My 365 To 30 – This is a place for travel-lovers, people aiming to turn 30 and basically anyone who thinks life is too great not to be missed.

My Blog Is My Boyfriend – In this blog you’ll find my thoughts on dating, love, sex, wine, and just about everything else. Often my thoughts are wildly inappropriate but you bet your sweet ass I’m going to say them anyway. For better or worse, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Cheers!

My Bloggable Day – My name is Bec. I’m a 20-something from Melbourne, Australia. I work in media, I love to travel, bake cheesecakes, read, take photos, hike and sing poorly. I decided to make every day ‘bloggable’ or worthy of a blog post. Hence My Bloggable Day was born.

My Journey Around The Globe – My name is Denise and I’ve started travelling after finishing High School. I live in mid Europe but technically I call many places my home while on the road.

My Passenger Diaries – Hi, we are Athena, Alysta, and Merlyn. We love to travel, explore different cultures, and get to know people from different places. Here we would like to write about our experiences.

My Ride Blog – Motorcycle adventures blog.

Natalia Maks – Travel. See. Shoot. Learn.

Nicholas Payton – Award-winner trumpet player. A blog about music, the music industry, and classes.

Oh Well, I Might As Well Blog – Just me, running my mouth about all kinds of useless stuff.

On Pets and Prisoners – I never knew I was an animal person until we got our first dog and then another. And then the cat. And then another.

Ozark Mountain Hiker –  My name is Jim Warnock (trail name – Tater).  I love to explore the Ozarks by trail.

Pacific Paratrooper – Pacific War era information.

Painting by Swav – My name is Sławomir Krawczyk and since I live in Ireland, where a few people can pronounce my full name, most of people I know call me Sław (Swav in English). It’s simple and easy to remember. I usually paint in my own style, which describe my insights and feelings. I express them on canvas in a form of colours, shapes and multidimensional aspect of the art.

Paradise in Hell – Life in Texas, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Pear and Bulb – We are Klaus Vartzbed (a pear in Berlin) and Sebastian Bänsch (a bulb in Cologne), two Marketing Manager who discovered the world of active and serious Photography 2013 (pear) and 2014 (bulb).

Peter Southland Photograph – Photography blog.

Photofocus – Education and inspiration for visual storytellers.

Photoparley – We exist to discuss photographic art with contemporary innovative photographers.  All content is in interview form.

Places to See Dot Com – Anandi’s blog about travelling and Roadtrips

Play My Rhapsody – Music Therapy Intern blog.

POINT OF INTEREST – Travel blog.

Pursuit of Life – Hiking, travel, and photography blog.

Random Writings On The Bathroom Wall – General blog about everyday life, and living it!

Real Life Natural Wife – This site will provide you with valuable information that will improve your health and happiness. We try to do things the natural way around here but sometimes real life gets in the way and when that happens we prefer to pick the less stressful route.

Recess City – Travel blog. There are people that happen to life, and there are people that let life happen to them.

Retiree Diary – This blog is for sharing my thoughts, moods and photos (all taken by me, except otherwise noted) with my friends. I am retired and based in Hong Kong. I have taken up part-time teaching at a local university and helped out in preparing a book.

Roam About Mike – My name is Mike Bukach; I’m a native Clevelander, a former New Yorker and current resident of Columbus, Ohio, where I live with my cat, Thief Richards. This website is a culmination of travel stories melded with beer soaked ramblings, some of which have been published.

Robin T. – Photography and Travel blog.

Romany and Chai – A travel and lifestyle blog written by a girl who loves to write and travel the world. This is a written and visual diary of faraway places, interesting people and personal style.

Ron Scubadiver’s Wild Life – I am a veteran scuba diver, based in Houston, Texas, with over 1,000 dives.  Underwater photography is not my thing, and I can’t offer a good explanation for that.

Sam French Photography – Photography blog.

Sara Glancy is The Audition Rep Matchmaker – My name is Sara Glancy, and I am an NYC-based Audition Rep Coach. It means I  help actors find the audition materials that are going to book them the job.

Scales Simple – I am a curious young gal from the eastern coast of Canada, a island called Newfoundland. Observing new ways of thinking has become a very important skill that I wish to develop and I will be sharing my thoughts here. Along with a thirst for the little things, and adventures big and small. I am on a search for unique perspectives and positive vibes in the big bad world.

Scratching The Itch – I’m a Brit living in Perth, Western Australia, and trying to squeeze in as much exploring as possible alongside my day job as a geologist.

Seagirl – Travel blog.

Seeing Spots Photo – Like many things in life, Seeing Spots Photography started out as a happy accident. In 2002 I started volunteering my photography skills for an equine rescue from which I eventually adopted my horse “Spot”.  The name of the business is an homage to the circumstances that lead me down to this photographic journey.

Short stories by Richard – Here you’ll find thoughtful small pieces that might move you. Many of my stories contain a bit of darkness.  Most end on a hopeful note.  I suppose that’s the way I see life.

Smith Deville – I grew up in a small town, and even though I became a city boy long ago, I still have a lot of country in me. New York and LA get enough attention already, so I write about the real people in the real world.

Smokey The Jeep – A nonprofit marketing executive, I’m also a veteran journalist, having worked as an award-winning newspaper and magazine writer, designer and editor since 1998. I’m also passionate about multimedia’s role in modern worship. I’ve been employed in church media ministry, where I gained experience with website design, projection technology and video production. Oh, and Jeeps!

Song of the Lark – Welcome to my music blog. My name is Emily E Hogstad, I’m in my mid-twenties, I play violin and viola, and I live in the Twin Cities.

Stars Of Life – Welcome to Stars Of Life. We see stars at night, what I am trying to say that even in darkness, we see stars shining bright; like that only we have to ignite our star light within ourselves and have to glitter in darkness. Here, you will find some interesting articles that can help to ignite the star within you.

Sun Hex – This blog is intended as an insight into my escapades, a journal for my impressions, a window into foreign cultures, with the occasional musing on the nature of language and literature as a vehicle to convey sensations.

The Belle Jar – Writer blog.

The Chronicles Of Wanderlust – Established in 2013, the Chronicles of Wanderlust is a team of individuals from Vancouver, British Columbia who are obsessed with traveling. With academic backgrounds in history, archaeology, marketing, and entrepreneurship, we provide readers with unique glimpses of the world through various lenses. One can expect to find stories, reviews, lists, and even giveaways on topics such as travel, food, and fashion. Let us bring the world to you!

The Daily Post – We want the Daily Post blog to be a place not just for news, but for a conversation. We love to hear what you think about new features, stats, and events.

The Incompetent Writer – Welcome to this blog. I’m Daniel Wallace, a British fiction writer living in America. I’m doing my PhD in English and Creative Writing at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

The Inspiration Shots – The intention of creating this blog is to share some of my photography work and to keep track the improvement of my photography skill.

The Last of The Millenniums – Just because it always has been, doesn’t mean it always will be.

The Ninth Life – Welcome to the blog of a fun-loving farm girl, chemist, and dentist who hates the taste of macaroni and cheese, but loves the taste of spaghetti. Based upon my own unique personal experiences, I created this website to inspire you to be your very best self and to encourage you to follow your dreams. 

The Nomad Notes – My name is Elliott I’m on an adventure travelling wherever the wind takes me. I left home about four years ago and I have been on the road ever since. I’m not always sure where I’m going, but I’m on my way!

The Shameful Sheep – Shit storms, shame, and stories that make you cringe.

The Tourista Diaries – Welcome to my blog. My name is Kelli, I am an American – 20 something, who keeps my things in California and lives out of a suitcase. Stumbling into a flying career, I have now been a private jet flight attendant for the past two years.

The Traveling Island Girl – My name is Riselle and I’ll be your host, travel guide, trip adviser, restaurant reviewer, island adventurer and explorer girl. I hail from the beautiful island of Curaçao but have been calling the gorgeous island of St. Maarten my home for the last 15 years.

The Vibe 101 – Welcome to The Vibe 101, a reflection about anything and everything. The scope is broad including news and views, arts and entertainment, fashion and beauty, lifestyle and travel, what makes us laugh, the challenges we face or the things that just make us go mmm …there is no limit! It’s about simple pleasures, the journey that life takes us on and the joyride along the way.

The Wine Wankers – G’day – You’ve tripped through the vines of The Wine Wankers. We’re two Sydney based guys (Conrad and Drew) with an international focus who love talking about wine through social media.  Laconic humour is a central theme of our writing style, attempting to put the wine in context rather than churning out mind numbing descriptions of wine.

The World if My Museum – Hello there! My name is Melissa and I’m a Dutch art history student who loves to travel. On this blog, I will combine my passion for art history, traveling and photography to write fascinating stories about all the beautiful things there are to see in this world!

This Liminal Space –  Canadian Emergency Medicine resident. Senior editor at . Assistant editor at (MEDiC). Long distance runner. Synchronised swimmer. Animal lover. Jack of all trades. Optimist. No medical advice here. Opinions are my own. Patient privacy is paramount; all identifying information has been altered to protect both the innocent and the guilty. New posts on Thursdays and Sundays.

Through Open Lens – My name is Lukas Kondraciuk and I am a freelance photographer based in NJ, USA .

Through The Eyes Of A Passerby – TV Junkie – Photowalker – Traveller and mostly a 9-to-5 droid…

Through The Eyes Of My Alter Ego – General blog.

Tippy Tales Adventures of a Rescue Dog – Hope you enjoy the cute, and not so cute, everyday adventures of my rescue dog, Tippy. If you own a dog, you will probably be able to relate.

To Live Is To Travel – Travel blog, tips, photography.

Toby Litt – Writer, author blog.

Tracing Abby – This is for people who love to love, who love music, who love to create, who love to be inspired, for those who want to be happy and healthy; inside and out, and for those who love the world; helping it and seeing it.

Trail Baboon – Dale Connelly spent 34 years at Minnesota Public Radio as a journalist, producer and disc jockey. A blog about…. well…. anything and everything!

Travelicious Turtle – I’m currently home-based in Germany and planning to become a freelance translator later this year to afford some more trips to different countries. I love to travel and I have a passion for new recipes, so I’m happy to share my travel pics and the food I get to try.

Traveling Fashionista – Just an awkward girl from a small country called Lithuania. I am passionate about fashion, dancing and beauty. I love creating unique outfits and makeup looks. I’m also a vegan.

Travellers – Travel blog.

Travelling The World Solo – My name is Ellen, and I am a 22 year old solo backpacker from Adelaide in South Australia. I am a registered midwife, and my dream is to spend my life travelling across the globe and working in as many places as possible. I have traveled extensively through Europe and just returned from South Africa.

Travel Then Blog – A traveler hailing from Fairbanks, Alaska. I lived in Spangdahlem, Germany for 4 years serving for the US Air Force. I used my time there as a hub to travel around Europe, and meet as many people as possible. After moving back to the US I thought my time of traveling would be done, but feel as if it has just started. I have so much to share and hope everyone enjoys what I have to say. Follow this blog I promise you will never forget it.

Travels Food – My husband and I love to travel and eat good food.  I started blogging to document and share my newlywed life as we travel and eat.  We recently moved to London from NYC and we can’t wait to explore Europe.

Twin Days – A travel blog.

Unbolt – So I’m an amateur writer… Surrealism, absurdism, horror, fantasy
and poems. You’re welcome! I’m ready for your reprimands and devastating criticism. Let’s go! Fire!

Visions of Solitude – General, humorous, blog.

Wanderlust: Becoming a Traveler – Just to properly introduce myself: My name is Pernnille, a 20-something young woman from Denmark who has this longing to travel the world, which I think the concept of wanderlust covers perfectly.

Wayfarers – We are Anna and Praveen. Luckily both of us have the same addictions – travel and coffee. We love sampling local cuisines and meeting people from all walks of life.

Welcome to the Beautiful Hart Project – Beautiful Hart Project is my life study of: The All Important Need for God, What it means to Truly Live in His Grace, Learning Forgiveness: for others and myself, Raising Beautiful Children in a Blended Family, Joy, Peace, Patience, Perseverance, Passion, Beauty, Most of all: to learn how to LOVE as God Loves.

World Hangover – This is my blog, where I write about my travelling experiences, AKA, all the times I’ve made a dick of myself in exotic places.

World Through My Lens – Hello! my friend! My name is Aniket Sharma. I am photoholic. Camera is my best friend. Want to become a hotspot photographer. Don’t be awestruck while seeing my photos. I am just a teenager. India is my birth country. I love street history and clicking common peoples photos. The beauty of nature is infinite which I share with you. I am all around the world with my blog!


6 thoughts on “Blogs I Follow

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  2. Hey! Thanks so much for mentioning me. Its funny how much a little encouragement goes a long way. I love that i can always expect a comment from you with every post and i really appreciate it! 🙂

    • You’re very welcome! I really enjoy your blog site, and am envious about your travels! 🙂 Thank you for sharing with all of us! Please stay safe and make a wonderful memory!

  3. Thanks for the mention … I love it when people read and comment on the images and stories I share .. it helps you realise that you matter to somebody… you really do make a difference to a lot of people!

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